Logistics Industry

Whether it’s manufactured goods, services, or information, essentially anything and everything that needs to be transported from one place to another, are all done by the logistics industry.

Innovation is Logistics

echnology is changing the future of Logistics

How technology is changing the future of logistics is definitely a subject worth exploring. Technological advancements have increased productivity while also minimizing costs and errors.

Enhanced and effective process

Augmented Reality assists when making decisions regarding transportation and space allocation for warehousing while also optimizing item finding procedures. With the AR feature on Marketrix, you can make sure that these process take place effectively and efficiently.

Visualizing the warehouse

With the use of Virtual Reality, you can visualize the entire warehouse for perfect internal planning and also to provide your customers with a clear view of the space.

Communicating in real-time

The AI virtual assistant on Marketrix will help you to keep in touch with your customers whether they want to get an update on a delivery or if they have anything that needs to be clarified, and keep them satisfied with instant responses and guidance.


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