Utilizing Marketrix to Craft a Captivating and Engaging Customer Experience

Utilizing Marketrix to Craft a Captivating and Engaging Customer Experience
DPL or Dipped Products PLC is a Sri Lankan brand specializing in protective hand wear and is a subsidiary of The Hayley’s group, which supplies over 10% of the world’s demand for synthetic gloves.

The Challenge


As an industry leader, DPL was in need of advancing its marketing technology to meet the changing needs of its customers. In-person client visits were costly, time-consuming, and often resulted in critical information about procedures and machinery being overlooked or neglected by the sales teams.


DPL’s objective was to enhance transparency over the manufacturing processes and factories and ensure that its clients were made aware of the sustainable processes and high-quality standards with which they operated. Essentially, they required a digital solution to create a satisfactory in-person visit to their large-scale factories.


Our Strategy


Marketrix by Creative Hub provided the solution by creating an all-inclusive VR trip that offered complete visibility of the production and manufacturing processes of the gloves. The platform was customized to provide clients with an immersive and interactive experience, allowing them to tour DPL’s factories virtually.


Marketrix’s approach to Lalan was focused on offering a faster and highly scalable solution. The product’s interface was stable and user-friendly, ensuring a smooth and efficient 3D tour of the factory. With its advanced features like info-points and floor plans, Marketrix enabled the client to virtually showcase the factory to customers, granting them round-the-clock accessibility.


The Result

With Marketrix’s 3D virtual reality tour, DPL was able to save costs and time on physical client visits. The platform allowed DPL to invite customers to their factories virtually and measure customer growth with inbuilt customer analytics. Owing to the stable and robust platform built, DPL Rubber continues to deliver more sales pitches with minimal cost, enabling clients to gain an expansive knowledge and exclusive insight into their processes.



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