What is Marketrix? The benefits for Sales teams

What is Marketrix? The benefits for Sales teams


If you’re a salesperson or a business struggling with generating sales and conversions effectively, Marketrix is for you. The Marketrix sales platform is developed to drive B2B sales and conversions and to integrate technology to achieve long-term, profitable results.


Sales and conversions are major criterias for business growth and achieving long-term profits and business objectives. As such, according to The Corporate Executive Board, 77% of B2B purchasers would not even speak to a salesperson until they had done their own research while 94% of B2B buyers will research online before finalizing a purchase.


Thus, it’s a complicated, long process of reaching out to prospects and convincing them to become loyal customers. And Marketrix is here to assist sales teams to shorten long sales processes and persuade prospects effortlessly by taking them on a virtual experience.


What exactly is Marketrix?

Marketrix is an interactive B2B customer virtual platform developed especially for persuasive sales pitches. In other words, instead of a traditional form of a sales pitch, Marketrix allows your customers to experience an immersive visual journey integrated with 3D, AR, and VR technologies. Hence, it’s the most effective, customer-centered digital solution to an in-person sales pitch.
For example, the rubber manufacturing and production company, Lalan Rubbers were able to create a satisfactory virtual reality trip to their large-scale factories and as a result,  increase sales and conversions with Marketrix.


What are the unique features of Marketrix?

Marketrix is a secure, scalable, and customizable platform accessible anytime, anywhere. Within the platform, you’ll gain exclusive access to features that enable you to collaborate virtually with prospects, deliver interactive,  essential information and gain insights for profitable decision-making.

Customizable Features

  • Add videos, images, descriptions
  • Augmented Reality experience
  • View 3D products
  • AI virtual assistant
  • 360° virtual tour

Security Features

  • A secure dashboard accessible only with user credentials
  • Safeguard confidential business or customer data
  • 24 x7 protection

Analytical Features

  • Access to customer data within a specific timeframe.
  • Customer interactions and behaviour


How does Marketrix benefit Sales Teams?

Access anytime, anywhere

 Irrespective of time and location, sales teams can invite customers through a unique link to access the platform and guide them. And the customers could explore the platform within an allocated time. Hence, a flexible approach to collaborating and connecting with prospects.


The total time spent on preparing for a sales pitch such as research, pitch decks, and reviewing could be reduced with a single Marketrix customized according to business requirements. The customizability of the platform also assists in adding unlimited content as the team requires over time.

Boost Engagement

Instead of the traditional talk-listen interaction with your prospects, Marketrix provides access to a walk-interract approach. The platform is designed so that the salesperson acts as a guide making fewer explanations and allowing the customer to freely ask questions and share thoughts.

Increase conversions

Prospects tend to remember, enjoy and attach to visual experiences. Thus, the sales platform helps to build credibility and increase conversions with visually pleasing, informative content developed using 3D, AR/VR technologies.

Analyse user behaviour

With the in-built analytics, sales teams can access valuable customer data and behaviour to assist in effective decision-making.


The scalability of Marketrix facilitates accessibility to team members and prospects without restrictions. Here, admins can add team members as they prefer and send invites to countless prospects from a single account.

Read more on how DPL benefited from Marketrix


What’s next? 

Get a free trial with our team, and we will provide a comprehensive tour of Marketrix and discuss how we can create a customer-centered sales platform aligned with your business goals and needs.

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