Prospects to Customers
in no time

Marketrix provides sales teams with all the necessary tools and features they need to manage and deliver interactive sales pitches, product demos, and presentations to prospects and customers.

Trusted by Multinational Brands

It’s time to make an interactive experience. Not a boring slideshow.

With Marketrix, you can transform your traditional sales pitch into a unique interactive experience that will keep your audience engaged from start to finish as you strengthen your conversion process.

Interactively guide them to the endpoint.

Interact with your audience face-to-face as you guide them through the Marketrix sales pitch, clarifying and providing insights as needed.

Virtual Tours and 3D Product-Viewing

Walkthrough your premises interactively and showcase your capabilities to your potential customers. Use augmented reality to bring your products to into life in 3D and showcase them in all perspectives to bring out their unique features.

Stay connected and integrated.

Stay in touch with Google Suite,Slack and all of your productive apps through the seamless integration options of Marketrix

Personalization Tools

You can change the look and feel of everything using the full set of built-in customization tools until you are completely satisfied.

In-Built Analytics

You can analyze the behavior of users using Marketrix's built-in analytical tools and make decisions based on the knowledge obtained.

Introduce your brand, your business, your product

Create your perfect sales team using the latest technology such as VR, AR, and 3D 
to convince your prospects effectively.

Built for tomorrow and beyond.

Marketrix is here to help you experience the power of an interactive sales pitch , and we've made it possible for you to do it in the most safest and the future-ready way.

Stay safe and secured.
All your data are password protected and only you decide who gets to experience what you designed.
A Universal gateway to your brand.
Share your brand with the entire world and let them see who you are like never before.
Scale as you go.
Marketrix can efficiently support your expanding customer base and satisfy your growing requests without any difficulties.

It is pretty straightforward! Manufacturing is the process of transforming materials..

Whether it’s manufactured goods, services, or information ….

The real estate industry covers many aspects of various types of properties ..

Digital technology has changed the way that the healthcare industry operates.



Create visualizations of human anatomy with AR simulations.


Showcase every step of your manufacturing process.

Real Estate

Make your properties virtually available from anywhere.


Showcase the steps involved in acquiring and distributing goods


Interactively demonstrate the insurances you are providing.

Banking & Finance

Establish your legitimacy by being interactively transparent.

IT & Software

Exhibit your expertise of your IT sector like never before.


Explore the retail industry digitally with your customers

Case Studies

Create a lasting first impression, the right way.

Build your perfect sales pitch with Marketrix to attract your ideal prospects and convert them into customers easily.

Create a lasting first impression, the right way.

Build your perfect sales pitch with Marketrix to attract your ideal prospects and convert them into customers easily.